Starbucks- Whats Your Name Campaign

"At 9:15pm tonight @starbucksuk and @channel4 launched the #WhatsYourName campaign, in partnership with Mermaids ☕️ A moment in TV history creating a brighter future for #trans people. Click the link in our bio to find out how they’re supporting our helpline services" - @mermaidsgender

Meet Eliza, Nicole, Cairo & Otto

2 Years On Testosterone Update

I know it's a little late! It took me much longer to edit and share as I have been so busy this year. However as promised here is My 2 years on testosterone video update. 

I will also be updating my blog as I am 3 weeks post op, after having top surgery. I am still recovering at the moment but I will post more videos update covering my experience.  Love & Light, 
Cairo x 

Top Surgery- The Reveal with Doctor Medalie

 2 weeks Post op- Keyhole by Dr. Medalie

I still can't believe I had Top Surgery, It was a huge moment for me. I still thank everyone who has helped me. I am well and truly grateful. I had a great experience, and I have been recovering well. 
You Can Watch The Video Below:

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Love & Light. 

I had Top Surgery!

This was my first reaction, once I realised I was post op!

Thank you to each and everyone of you who helped put this smile on my face! Watch full Video below. 

10 Year Challenge

#10yearchallenge!! 2008 vs 2018☺️ πŸ‘Š

Can we just appreciate... our Journey. 

πŸ’™ How far we have come. Thank You πŸ™

It doesn’t matter where you start> 

It’s not how good you are; it’s how good you want to be! 
2 0 1 9 I Am Ready To Shine Baby! πŸ’ͺ

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Pink News

Six trans men—Toby and Harry, Kenny and Roshaante, Steffan and Cairo—share the first time they realised they were transgender, as part of PinkNews' First Times series.