International Transgender Day Of Visablity

(I didn't realise it was International Transgender Day later, however this is what I posted on the same morning.) 

I have spent the last month plucking up the courage to speak to my GP to tell them that I want to be referred to a Gender Clinic. Finally I got to see a doctor, however in the end it wasn't my usual GP, I told him that I am transgender and that I would like to be referred to Gender Clinic. 
The Doctor in question didn't really take me seriously and his response was "well there's a lot of things in the media about being transgender and that the people who transition aren't actually happier." I told him that was his opinion, and that I would like to be seen by someone who is an expert in this field. I am not happy like this and that I need that support. Eventually he did send that referral. I was told that the current waiting times to be seen for the first appointment at a Gender Clinic were between 12-15 months and that there was a bag log from the previous year.

Obviously I left the GP surgery with mixed feelings; I felt pleased I had the courage to speak up and ask for help. I was happy for taking the very first step to medically transition, as well as frustrated in the way I was almost dismissed. 

Then hearing that it can take so long just to even be seen, might mean that I won't even be able to start hormone therapy for almost two years! Because they don't prescribe them on your first appointment, then second appointment is around 6 months apart.  

I feel quite hopeless to be honest. Its the wait that makes you feel trapped, I know in my heart I have to just focus on the things I can change now, be grateful for the good things I have in my life that other may not have. 

Nerveless I am proud of myself, the anxiety I felt whilst waiting for two hours in the GP was really bad, I didn't run, I stood my ground and today this was a really massive step.