I AM TRANSGENDER ( Coming Out On Facebook- Response. )

I haven't smiled like this in a long time! Thank You All xXx
After coming out on Facebook couldn't believe how much positive comments flooded my timeline,inbox and phone. I Literally don't even have words!! All your unconditional love has given me so much strength! Thank you, all your kind words and messages have moved me! And have filled my heart with so much joy. I am blessed.  All you beautiful beings have put the biggest smile on my face!! The support that I have received has far exceeded my expectations!! I am well and truly grateful beyond words. Thank You. 

I AM TRANSGENDER. ( coming out on Facebook.)

"This is making me so sad and anxious but I can't keep pretending. I just got to be honest and say, I Am Transgender. 
I have decided to take a break from acting/ in order to focus on my transition, 
I no longer wish to be addressed as Ciarra or as She or Her etc...
2016 has been a year of self discovery and challenges. 
But through the struggles, I am wiser. 
By slowing down, I understand things that I Never gave the time to. I can't stress how important it is that I do this. 
Since accepting this my anxiety levels have gone through the roof, 
I have been worrying about everything and it's really not the way I want to live! Powered or paralysed by fear.
I Chose to live with Courage, Pride and Dignity! 

I realise, hiding this is the worst thing I could do. 
Because despite how people judge, 
being transgender isn't a choice. 
I chose life, I choose happiness. 
I want to live as My True Self. Surely that has to be a beautiful thing. 
I Am Cairo Leo Nevitt.#EmbraceIt! XD 
#Nofilter #Positivevibesonly #transpride"

FTM In Venice

Photographer:Cairo Nevitt.
Me and My girlfriend had a much needed holiday in the most beautiful city in the world, you guessed it; Venice!

We had a lovely time away, it was a healing trip. We enjoyed everything we ate and was surrounded by beauty. It was nice to have time for us, with no stress or worries. Over the last month my anxiety has got to the point where it’s literally changed my heart rate. I got sent to cardio department after going to my GP for a general check-up, which made me even more concerned. My heart rate was going at 130 when I was just sitting down. I had been having panic attacks, I know it’s because I am carrying around a secret the weight of which is so heavy. I keep getting that Fight or Flight feeling.

Going away was a chance for me to spend quality time with my girlfriend and for us to both have a break, I used my time in Venice to restore the balance in my life. To find myself, to focus on my relationship and to figuring out what I needed to do to create peace in my life and happiness.

I feel like keeping this secret is a cross too heavy to bare,  it has literally had a negative effect on my health when I am supposed to be on the mend! I had my camera with me, I made a few coming out videos, however In the end I didn’t use those videos because my confidence weren’t there at all ; I didn’t like the way I was coming across, it didn’t seem like myself, it seemed insecure and timed and almost ashamed or as if I was asking for permission.

I decided that either way I was going to come out when I get back.  I know that I am comfortable and strong enough now. I can handle it, if nobody likes me anymore, I will just have to live with that and find new people who do appreciate me. Because I will not be made to feel ashamed of myself.