I AM TRANSGENDER. ( coming out on Facebook.)

"This is making me so sad and anxious but I can't keep pretending. I just got to be honest and say, I Am Transgender. 
I have decided to take a break from acting/ in order to focus on my transition, 
I no longer wish to be addressed as Ciarra or as She or Her etc...
2016 has been a year of self discovery and challenges. 
But through the struggles, I am wiser. 
By slowing down, I understand things that I Never gave the time to. I can't stress how important it is that I do this. 
Since accepting this my anxiety levels have gone through the roof, 
I have been worrying about everything and it's really not the way I want to live! Powered or paralysed by fear.
I Chose to live with Courage, Pride and Dignity! 

I realise, hiding this is the worst thing I could do. 
Because despite how people judge, 
being transgender isn't a choice. 
I chose life, I choose happiness. 
I want to live as My True Self. Surely that has to be a beautiful thing. 
I Am Cairo Leo Nevitt.#EmbraceIt! XD 
#Nofilter #Positivevibesonly #transpride"

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