FTM Get First Haircut.

Transman Gets His First Haircut! XD

The day arrived and I feel a mixture of nerves but also excitement and gratitude that I can finally do this! I arrived at Joe and Co's and was introduced to their lead stylist  Hayley. I instantly felt like I was in good hands, I was impressed with her portfolio and her presence made me feel chilled. We spoke about what I wanted done to my hair, I showed her the pics and off we went.

I explained that I am transitioning which is why it was such a big change in style, We did pop into their sister salon next door just to wash my hair as it was the best option. While I was there the other barber asked me about my hair cut; he spoke to me about grading which I never actually knew much about, it was also educational and as a transman there is loads to learn as you enter this new world into manhood.  I think it’s really cool when people are understanding and even help you by give you pointers. Rather than funny looks and sarcastic comments.

I was back in the barbers in no time and everyone at Joe and Co's were being really cool and chatting to me, I felt really comfortable.  I felt the whole team was on board rooting for me to come out feeling happy and with fresh cut. 

I felt like I was being given VIP treatment. Or maybe that’s just their quality service.  I’d look in the mirror and see nothing but smiles as different people walked passed me, it was a very supportive environment.  All the stylist were slick with their cuts and took the time to listen to what you want. Yes, I know, I chose the right place.

One stylist even said he wanted to be the one to do my hair. Which I thought was nice, as I felt really welcome and wanted. Because in all honestly,  my first cut as transman could have been a whole other experience. The main person to thank was lead stylist top barber Hayley, She really took care of me! Made me feel at ease, I know my hair was a hard job, I needed someone with skills. She was a diamond! I was totally satisfied with my cut. Honestly I can’t thank her enough! 

I was so happy with the final result and the way everything was handled. I would highly recommend Joe and Co's barber's in soho! 100% . Visit: www.joeandco.net

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