Transformation Tuesday

Before and After 8 Weeks of consistent workouts. 

The main tips is to change what you eat and work out. It's not really a secret it's just takes action, if you want abs, you got to work for them. I do regular cardio workouts too, as its good for your overall health. (I am not looking to burn to much weight, My aim is to bulk up.)  However if weight loss is your goal; then I would recommend increasing your cardio, run, walk, do what you gotta do, but just do it. A couple of times a weeks, if you expect to see results. Don't waste your time with extreme diets, it just takes good old fashion exercise and regular meals, decent portions;  but just better choices.

This is link to a list of food that are known to be good for you as well as showing your abs:

In terms of routines, I just find Youtube videos and teach myself, I am still finding what works for me; for now I have mostly been using the Abs crunching machine with a light weight and doing 'leg raises' at the gym on the power station.

I am someone who has a sweet tooth and chocolate was my weakness!That was the challenging part for me to stop eating lots of cakes and chocolate bars and anything that has been covered in sugar. However my long term goals is way more important that short term pleasure so, here we are 8 weeks later. I have started eating bananas, blue berries and oats or Greek for breakfast. I am a changed man. I have more energy now that I am eating cleaner. My mind feels clearer too. It actually amazing what small changes can do!   

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