Happy Halloween!

This Halloween I got a treat, when I was cast in the FREAK SHOW at the Vaults, I spent the night tricking people if they dared to dine with me. It was an immersive theatre piece with live actors, muscle men and drag queens! It was the best Halloween party in London! I had the most amount of fun whilst working, so I can only imagine how much fun everyone else had, It was so live!!!! The tunnels were packed with people ready to party! I believe everyone let out there inner freak.

It was my first step of dipping my toes back into acting, this reminded me that there are companies out there that are opened minded. That embrace diversity in all its forms,  The whole aim of the evening was one, to have a good time and two, to be proud of who you are, who ever you are!
To celebrate being unique & that we did! XD  

Kissing my lady at the end of the night. #Treat 

Journeys & Being A Man

October has been quite busy and full of nice surprises. A few days after I deferred my place at university just by chance I got involved with two really exciting projects!

The first one is with the South Bank Centre- I am currently a young producer/ ambassador or their Being A Man festival! I feel so honoured to be able to have an input in such an important festival.  I have been working with a group of men aged between 18-25. It’s still in progress and I am excited about the event we are currently creating! I will share the details in the following weeks and hopefully get some of you to join us!

The BAM project has helped me understand that it’s not just Transmen that struggle with their identity but actually, so do all men. It’s good to know that I am not the only one that finds hyper masculine culture toxic. I have learnt a lot from my group and they have all been very accepting of me and although I was super anxious about  taking part in a project with only male peers, (as I do not currently ‘Pass’ and I have been finding it difficult with getting people in particularly men to perceive me as male.) However these guys have been fantastic! They have treated me the same way as all the other guys and for my social transition, being able to have that experience of being accepted as truly one of the guys has been hugely beneficial. I am so happy that I took a chance, now coming up to the forth session I am far more confident and the group is full of talent and it’s just a cool space to work in, I feel really inspired!

I can’t stress how important it is to socialise and be part of things, I feel like all these little things help me grow or remind me of my passions and things I have always related to. Every time I do something new, I am creating new memories and learning how to interact with people again and also at the same time I am breaking down other myths of what it means to be transgender. I am a people person and just because I am transitioning I don’t want that to just stop.

The next exciting project called Journeys, it is in partnership with Action and Disability and the Lyric Hammersmith, together they are producing a show which will have it's first sharing in December. The project itself, is the first of its kind as the company is made up of young disabled and able bodied performers. 

Society isn’t as up to date as we would all  like to think.  Having the chance to work with people with that have disabilities, has really opened my eyes, I love that we have all come together as one company. I am loving every rehearsal and it’s really refreshing, inclusive and I love the diversity! I feel like life has put me where I am supposed to be.  Hands of my heart; I think more companies need to be more open minded! As it’s rarely ever done and I feel it’s such a shame because I have been blown away with the group’s creativity! 

If anyone is interested in finding out more about this project or would like to be invited to the showcase, drop me an email.  If you would like to know more about Action and Disability visit their website: https://actionondisability.org.uk/

Transformation Tuesday:Wonderful parents

 As promised I want t to fill this blog with positive stories. Check out these two incredible examples of wonderful parents who support their transgender child.There are many more, but I can't share them all at once! #TransformationTuesday #Transpire #ProudToCallYouMySon. 





  1. 1.
    (of a secret or something unknown) come to be known; be revealed.

I am dedicating this section of the blog to sharing inspirational transgender related videos! I believe there is need for this to help challenge the myths surrounding transgender people. As always, most of those myths have been founded by fear. I am keen to show that there are amazing role models out there to be proud of, share stories of strong individuals that have the heart and courage of a lion.   

I will also share stories of the wonderful parents who love unconditionally, the kind friends and allies out there that do show do support, to hopefully inspire others who may not know how, or just need some guidance. Transgender souls are real, we are real, we have voices. We are in all layers of society and we just want to be accepted and loved and at the very least; be treated with respect and be granted equal opportunities. 

I know there has been huge gaps in the information around Transgenderism. Transpire aims to make that gap smaller, I hope that this page can be used a source of inspiration and education. We can learn how to be better, to think before we assume. Let our minds be more open, our hearts more compassionate. Lets break down the barriers!
lets talk, laugh and even cry, but lets make change. Lets Do This! XD

Stayed Tuned & Stay Inspired.

Cairo Nevitt     

Trans Take Over!

#Selfie for #transtakeover! #thisiswhattranslookslike I don't care what anyone says...#Transisbeautiful! "Nothing is more beautiful, than being authentic." #transgenderpride. XD