How To Legally Change Your Name

  Step By Step Guide To legally changing your name and UK passport.  
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Being A Man Festival 2017 + Brand New Spoken Word Video

Cairo Nevitt (c) Copyright 2017
 Its been a inspirational weekend at the SouthBank Centre's 
Being A Man Festival 2017,  I was honoured to be on the More Than Male: Sex, Identity and Masculinity panel. As well as mentoring young boys and take part in their 'Human library session'  
All the workshops and talks at the Southbank banks centre BAM   Festival weekend were really powerful. After hearing live Q & A's discussing many issues that men face in todays society, including addressing male suicide rates, toxic masculinity, as well as celebrating men, and fathers and positive male models. 

I believe,  like many other men who took part in this year Being a man festival, that its important to keep these positive, honest  conversations going.  As well as redefining what makes a man. 

What Makes A Man// Spoken Word:

Cairo Nevitt (C) Copyright 2017
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I Got My New Passport!

 Watch the first time I saw my new passport with correct name + gender on it!  

Today is a huge step forward in my transition! =) 

FTM 8 Months On Testosterone Update Vlog!

                                                                     Video Below :

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I have stalled alot for many reasons, however having presented as a woman most of my life; of course #MeToo. Too many times and in different situations. Too many women in some form or another have. Sexual assault or hassment shouldn't be apart of womenhood. Sadly when I hear all these stories, I feel like now days, it is. It really shouldn't be. Worse of all 9/10 times women are not taken seriously and get pinned with shame & being made to feel they are to blame! 

Something needs to change... I shouldn't have to change my gender to finally be able to walk down the road in peace. (without be harassed by men on a daily basis.) & It never mattered how I dressed. 

It's only now that I am starting to be read as male, that I am left alone (most times) but even the other day on the tube, it was what 8pm and these drunk guys keep trying to talk to me, shouting down the carriage trying to get my attention, even when ignoring them, headphones on, they just shouted louder ๐Ÿ˜‘ (Like I looked the most masculine I have ever looked and still same shit.) 

We live in a world where we have normalised disrespecting women. We have confused alot of guys with this sense of entitlement and that doesn't sit right with me. Also now living as man, or even before just being attracted to women, I am responsibility for my own actions. Period. Even with high levels of testosterone blah blah blah, let me repeat: I Am Responsible For My Own Actions. Don't get what the 'confusion' or passing the blame is about?! How could it ever be someone elses fault. For no other type of assault, could you get away with playing the 'blame the victim card'. 

Also for the men who are saviours, I acknowledge you. I believe you. But for the guys that just want to crack jokes and take all this lightly...nah, you need to sort yourself out mate! I want better for women. I want better for men. 

And no, not all men behaviour this way. Sadly though, a lot do. Like just having basic respect, really it aint that hard guys! I do believe that men can be better, and do not have to act in those ways. 

Actually in one really bad situation, wont get into it, but my actual saviour was a stranger, a kind man who got me home safe. I want more guys to be like him! I want girls to go out and have each others back! I want other Co-workers to speak up if they witness things they know is not right. I want bosses not to abuse thier power. I want women to not get groped at festivals or in clubs. I want a world where women can walk down the road and feel safe or without being objectified, Like that's not much to ask!  I want men to go back and find basic manners, make better choices and take responsibility for there actions. Anyway, I really could go on, believe me! but said my piece. 

6 Months On Testosterone Vlog

Here is my 6 Months On Testosterone Update Video! Thank you all for love and support this far & following my journey! It means the world to me. 

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   It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting…– Paulo Coelho 

Monday Motivation- by Tori Hermione Bake

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Happy Friday

The Secret ;) Just Believe.

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This took a lot of courage to share this: 

Transformation Tuesday.

Left: 2013/ Right:2017.  Photographer Jennie Scott (c) Cairo Nevitt 2017. 

Today I am beaming with Transgender pride. I am so blessed & proud to be in a such a cool show! I am so blessed that my acting career didn't end when I chose to put it on the line to transition, Because I have never felt more comfortable or content.

Tonight we open Bullish. In the same venue where I did my last show a few years ago. It was my last stage show as Ciarra. Tonight Cairo will take the stage. (Or just me, in my most authentic form.) It's a bit special to be honest. I feel so excited!!Would LOVE you to catch our show Bullish; Come down, be entertained & show some love! 

(Massive Thank you Jennie Scott for taking these pictures; they mean a lot to me. Xx)  

Finding my way, home. - Guest Post for CPT

As production week approaches I feel nervous and excited that Bullish will be opening in London and at the CPT!  My experience of working on Bullish has been completely different to any other production I have worked on, no day in the rehearsal process is ever the same. We have all been working very hard with developing new material. We just kept trying new things until we found the right fit…I have discovered what is set, can very much be written again! This is a true as the message in one of the beautiful songs in Bullish. This is because the script and the story is constantly evolving, I guess like we are as people.

There have been some really great discussions in the room and I have truly learnt so much from working with everyone on the team. There is something really empowering about working with a LGBTQ cast, and with working with the writer & director L.J Skilbeck.   

This will be my first professional stage debut since I began my transition, which has been a journey itself! As an actor in the process of transitioning I couldn’t have wished to work with a better company. I am so thankful. There was a point I thought I had to pick between my acting career and transitioning; I didn’t realize I could have both! Milk Presents came in my life at the right time, you could say they have helped me return home.  

For me, Bullish is about finding yourself and giving yourself permission to be authentic. Authenticity is a beautiful thing, I think the Come As You Are Festival is a celebration! A celebration of being different and to being proud of who you are.

Join us, as you are.  We will be at the CPT from the 12th-30th September. Make sure you watch Bullish! See you beauties there! – Cairo Nevitt  Actor –Bullish.

Milk Presents: