Good Morning! XD

Hope you all are having a beautiful day! 
#BuenasDias #Goodmorning #Buongiorno #FTM.  


I am really excited to apart of the ALT acting company. Exciting are to come! (you can follow ALT on facebook or twitter.) I am happy to back acting, training and doing what I love! I am learning my craft again with new eyes, I am determined to be twice as good as before and I believe that is possible now...which is a big change as this time last year I thought I might have to retire from acting all together!

I am starting to not just get through the days, but to thrive. I still have some much to learn, but I have found my confidence and I hunger for knowledge and growth. I believe you should never give up on your dreams, you might have to try and alternative approach, but remember your overall goal. So Keep Dreaming My Dreamers! #believe. #whenthestudentisreadytheteacherwillcome.

This Is What Trans Looks like NOW!

Jacket By Pull and Bear. Hoody By Criminal Damage. Photographer Paride Odierna. Stylist Lala Monroe. 
Photographer Paride Odierna. 

Happy New Year!

2017, I am Ready For Ya!

This year I plan of making it special and one to remember. 

Things to Change in 2017: 
  • Don't over get attached to possessions.
  • Stop buying things on impulse.
  • Start saving.
  • Technology overload. (No emails/social media after a certain time in the evening; and watch less films and have more conversations.)
  • Be more present in each moment. 
  • Be more understanding (and less stubborn) 
  • Buying too many take a ways. 

Things to do more of in 2017: 
  • Be resourceful 
  • Budget (Look for the best deals.)
  • Clear out unwanted belongings, exchange & recycle.
  • Listen more
  • Read more
  • Try new things (in order to grow)
  • Keep focusing on my fitness goals 
  • Eat well. 
  • Shop at the Big Supermarkets it's (Cheaper/Fresher/Better.) 
  • Learn new skills (e.g. Italian ?) 
  • Volunteer for more organisations that I believe in.  
  • 12 acts of kindness. 
  • Sleep enough hours 
  • Meditations 
  • Take my Vitamins 
  • Create ( poetry, films, projects, shoots.)
  • Be happy and spend my time with the people I love.
  • Love. ( life, loved ones, myself, friends and all the beauty in the world) 
  • Gratitude (Count your blessing and focus on positive things)