Head Shot by Jordan Kouame

I can't thank Jordan Kouame enough for my new headshots! I am so happy with the results. Jordan was a joy to work with,  I would highly recommend contacting him if you need to update your portfolio! He is a top lad, talented actor and brilliant photographer. He offers top quality pictures at affordable prices. 

For more info visit his website: /https://www.jkouame.com/

Believe In Yourself.

When I first came out as Transgender a year ago, aside from the transitioning, my biggest fear was that I wouldn't be able work as an actor,  I wasn't going to be accepting any more female roles, and I just felt so restricted, heartbroken. I felt like I had to give up my love, my craft. my dreams...to follow my heart, to be ultimately happy in my personal life. Happy within my skin.  

I have been dealing with anxiety over the last year and my confidence had taken a knock. Most days when I take part I place myself in the background a lot more than I use to.  Still, I am just pushing myself to hold on to what I love, so even getting back into acting has been absolutely amazing. However inside, I just felt unsure and like something was missing. I have been hoping for that moment where something clicks...each time I attend a acting class, or worked with a new group or a brilliant director, I am reminded, about my passion and who I am.  I know that all the experiences I have prior to my transition all the hard work and training I have done for my acting is not for nothing. Some days I have felt like it was.  Someday's I felt like now I had less to offer,  which is completely wrong. I guess I just didn't believe in myself like I use to. 

Last night, I felt it. Something beautiful happened when I was filming my scene. For once I wasn't over thinking, I was in my element I loved the whole process of filming, I enjoyed saying my lines, I switched off and just gave my own personal best and even though there is always room for improvements, I know my performance was strong. It was like I completely remembered everything, all the moments that lead me to this, I felt like there was a connection from my "past" to the present, it's hard to explain, its' as if I fully embraced everything I learnt before and connected it with my present. It was just the most amazing feeling, I felt fire in my belly, I just feel so alive and whole again. 

#Energy Never Dies. It Transforms! XD  #Selfbelief  #YouCanDoIt