One Month On Testosterone!

Second Shot Complete! I am Officially One Month On T! XD 

My Face Before, During & After My Testosterone Shot.

(I am not a fan of needles!) But In all seriousness, as you can tell by my smile in the third picture; I am so happy to be on this journey!That things are finally in motion after waiting a year to start hormones. I am excited about the process. Its totally worth it! XD

Finally On Testosterone!

Really excited to finally be on testosterone and officially diagnosed with gender dysphoria. I am so relieved that my medical notes have been updated as transgender! XD It's only been two weeks since my first T shot but I am so happy and gives me motivation to keep going to the gym to the gym to get the body I always wanted. =) 

Love Your Vehicle.

A Transgender Man's Path To freedom.

ALT Trailer by TEAfilms

I have been lucky enough to work with such a talented group of actors! I can't until our showcase on 19th April, We are going to smash it! 

Here is a little taster of ALT: