3 Months On T

It's been 3 months on Testosterone! (In all honesty haven't been able to get in the gym as much as I have hoped! Despite being hungry all the time atleast I have stayed away from Junk food!) However my fat re-distribution is starting to take place and my hips have become far more squared and my belly is a lot border than before I started hormones, I am also quite surprised by how much my back has changed! I am finally starting to fill out more, all in all I am happy to start noticing changes and seeing the results. 
Finally starting to develop some upper body strength! 

Side Profile. 

Side Profile.

Some Days Let Your Hair Down!

Men With Curls 

Trying to be proud of my curls! (Still trying to find peace between loving my hair & dealing with it giving me dysphoria/ adding to me being misgendered.) It's a love hate relationship. =P

Filming In Ukraine! XD

Quick pic with my MUA. Shirt By Topman, Stylist Verity May Lane. 
Okay, somebody pinch me! XD I'm Back! Back doing what I love and right where I want to be; On set! Have no words to say how much this opportunity means to me, proud is a understatement.Thank you Universe for answering my prayers! <3 I am 100% Blessed.