It Gets Better

New Video Live on My Youtube Channel!  

Reflecting back over the year since I decided to start my social transition and where I am now. I just wanted to share some thoughts with you all and spread some positive vibes and hope. Some things take time, but It Gets Better!Keep that chin up & walk with pride! X

Pronouns Matter.

Trans Rights Are Human Rights. 

So after feeling frustrated about being misgendered a lot over that particular week, I decided to make a video to express the reasons why it is important to respect peoples pronouns. 

I am finally on Youtube! Check Out My Channel



It's hard to believe I filmed this first video almost a year ago back in August before I even had my blog! Apologies for the delay in getting my channel up and running, it took me longer to sort out trading in my old laptop and getting a upgrade in order to be able to edit. I have quite a few videos to share with you all, I will upload a New Video Every Tuesday until I am up to date with live time. (Subscribe and I will follow back, lets get connected! XD)