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photographer Eboni Dixon.

3 Months On T - Update

Absolut- Equal Love.

Absolut Equal Love- Photo credit: BBH London, Somesuch,  Radioaktive film.  
Absolut are always a step ahead of the game! I am over the moon that they cast me as I am, a proud transgender man. It was a pleasure to be on the Equal Love set and to have been able to work with one of the top ten female directors in Europe; Aolfie Mcardle. 
It was a dream come true. What excited me about this project is that Absoult are brand that has truly represented LGBT campaigns/organisations and pride's for years.  

As a BAME actor, I loved the fact that I got to work with such a genuinely diverse cast! I believe that Absolut, BBH London and Somesuch got it right on every level. This film goes beyond gender, sexuality, race, and religion. It's just simply that Love is Love! I am fan of equality and most defiantly in support of equal love. 

Equal Love Interview With Upworthy

On Set for Absolut Equal Love.  Loved Working with Top Director Aolfie Mcardle.  Photo Credit BBH London, Somesuch, Radioaktive Film.   

Click the link below to check Out My Interview with UPWORTHY:

Two Months On T Video

Here is my Two months on T Update Video! Sorry it's late, I have been working away from home this last month! I will be updating my blog while I am back home this week! stay tuned for more =) X