Transformation Tuesday.

Left: 2013/ Right:2017.  Photographer Jennie Scott (c) Cairo Nevitt 2017. 

Today I am beaming with Transgender pride. I am so blessed & proud to be in a such a cool show! I am so blessed that my acting career didn't end when I chose to put it on the line to transition, Because I have never felt more comfortable or content.

Tonight we open Bullish. In the same venue where I did my last show a few years ago. It was my last stage show as Ciarra. Tonight Cairo will take the stage. (Or just me, in my most authentic form.) It's a bit special to be honest. I feel so excited!!Would LOVE you to catch our show Bullish; Come down, be entertained & show some love! 

(Massive Thank you Jennie Scott for taking these pictures; they mean a lot to me. Xx)  

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