Being A Man Festival 2017 + Brand New Spoken Word Video

Cairo Nevitt (c) Copyright 2017
 Its been a inspirational weekend at the SouthBank Centre's 
Being A Man Festival 2017,  I was honoured to be on the More Than Male: Sex, Identity and Masculinity panel. As well as mentoring young boys and take part in their 'Human library session'  
All the workshops and talks at the Southbank banks centre BAM   Festival weekend were really powerful. After hearing live Q & A's discussing many issues that men face in todays society, including addressing male suicide rates, toxic masculinity, as well as celebrating men, and fathers and positive male models. 

I believe,  like many other men who took part in this year Being a man festival, that its important to keep these positive, honest  conversations going.  As well as redefining what makes a man. 

What Makes A Man// Spoken Word:

Cairo Nevitt (C) Copyright 2017
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I Got My New Passport!

 Watch the first time I saw my new passport with correct name + gender on it!  

Today is a huge step forward in my transition! =)