9 & 10 Months On Testosterone

Check out my 9 & 10 months on testosterone update, talking about my changes & frustrations with my Boy-Brows! =P 

Hello 2018 !

Photo by Amoroso Films (c) copyright Amoroso Films 2017

H A P P Y  N E W   Y E A R! 

#2017 you have been good to me. 
For that I am grateful! Thank You 

* The year I got back into acting after a year break to focus on my transition & getting my health back in shape. I reached big mile stones in my transition, finally starting testosterone, legally changing my name! 
* I have been completely blessed with incredible opportunitys, both within my career & on a personal level. I couldn't have planned it even better if I tried!! 
* I have be surrounded by people that love me, and support me which at points has moved me to tears because I can not believe how great things are turning out after a really low time throughout most of 2016! 
2018 you beauty, I am ready for ya! 
May you all have a beautiful year, I hope you all find whatever your heart craves most & that you say yes to those new adventures, say no to the things that don't add value to your life and that you strive to be happy what ever that means to you and above all be kind.