Its Been 1 year on Testosterone!

I am over the moon with the progress I have made In the last two years since I begun to transition, I can't believe its now been one year on testosterone. Really blessed for all the love and support I have received through out my journey.  I am so much more stronger within my self, I am happier than I have ever been, and its nice to look in the mirror a see, the guy I saw in my head, finally start to shine through on the outside, and that is honestly a beautiful feeling. I am trans and proud baby! I won't change who I am for anything in the world, this is me, its taken to many years to get to this point, so I am going to make sure, I am living my life like its golden! :) 

Trust the process, believe in yourself and the journey and I promise, it will start to all come together, nicely. Stay strong, and remember some of the biggest changes , are not even visible on the outside! they are hidden gems from within, but there value doesn't go , because people can't not see it on the outside. remember why you started, remember your worth and the way I see it, if I am lucky enough to get  second chance and rebuilding my life, then I am going to do what makes me happy. Happiness can start will tiny changes, so don't be afraid to start those today, with or without testosterone. there are still areas of your self that you can work on and improve, that way you aren't stuck paying the waiting game, you can still make your own progress. 

I will be making a Vlog on my youtube channel and share my changes and thoughts to mark my one year on testosterone. 

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