"Becoming Cairo will document my incredible journey as I transition from Female to Male. (FTM) I am hoping to interact with people from across the globe! I will share my deepest thoughts and hopes with you all, I want to raise trans awareness in a honest and dignified way. More importantly I hope to capture the human element, the realness, the struggles as well as victories. This is a completely new chapter of my life, I am still learning and evolving every day.  I Just want to say a massive thank you to everyone single one of you; that have been so kind and supportive towards me! You have given me strength, hope to get through the hard days.  The courage to be comfortable as my true authentic self.  From the bottom of my heart thank you, I am very blessed."- Cairo X 

Join me on my journey to becoming a better man! 
#Transpride #FTM #Transisbeautiful

Short Bio:
Cairo Nevitt is actor, model, guest speaker and spoken word artist. He is a transgender man from South London. Cairo is Caribbean and English with a Spanish twist. (Having grown up in Spain as a teenager, he can speak fluent Spanish.)  

Winner of the Trans Man Award at the South Bank Centre’s 2016 Being A Man Festival, for the contribution of his blog Becoming Cairo. You can find more of Cairo's story in Super Being Labs second book; Being Mankind. 

A fan of community work Cairo is also a guest speaker for the LGBT charity Diversity Role Models & is a Stonewall BAME & LGBT Alumni. 

Other news: 
* Cairo Nevitt was the first ever Transgender Man / Transgender Model in the UK to be featured in a main stream Fitness Magazine; Muscle and Fitness August 2018 edition. Modelling for BodyPower. 

* Cairo is currently on stage at the Cockpit theatre playing the Male Lead (Toni) in Boxes By Purple Theatre at the 2018 Camden Fringe. He will be going on a national of Bullish by Milk Presents from September 2018-December 2018.) 

Cairo trained as actor with the National Youth Theatre of GB, Ti Racconto A Capo in Italy and was the original group to graduate from Toby Clarke's ALT Actors-training programme (Spring 2017)  

TV appearances include: Commercial- Absolut Vodka's Equal Love, Short Film C4/ Random Acts- Instaverse & London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony. (Thanks Tim Cast)  

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